Credit policy in case of closure du to COVID-19

Consulted the “Guaranteed season” page

With the unfortunate entry of COVID-19 in our lives and in our daily lives, we have had to adapt.

Choose new priorities; One of these, the need to get outside, enjoy the outdoors with the family, and by default, be physically active. We saw it in the foreground with our mountain bike trails in full swing this summer!
As a population, we have been able to adapt to this new reality. As a sports infrastructure in the region, we have also been able to adapt.

That’s why we’re currently working on our operational plan for the next season. Changes will be made in order to comply with Public Health measures to protect our users and our employees.

One thing is certain, you will be able to do board sports this winter, and of that, we are very proud. We are also pleased to present our Guaranteed Season program to you thanks to our refund policy.

base of the mountain