Rules to follow during orange phase

Some changes will be made during the orange phase. Our cafeteria will be closing at 5 pm.
We also want to remind these rules during the actual phase:
-If you have COVID19 symptoms, we ask that you stay home.
-One person per chair on the lift. The only exception will be if you are with your immediate family. ID will be required at the lift.
-At the cafeteria and Avalanche Bar, one person per table unless you are with your immediate family. ID will be required.
-Mask will be mandatory at all times as soon as you leave your vehicle.
-Social distancing will be a priority.
-All skiers and borders must come from the zone 4 which is our zone.
As you have seen, ID will be required. All of this is to be compliant with our operationnal plan during orange stage.
We need to adjust in order to follow the rules with the pandemic. Everyone need some adjusting in order to make sure we remain open.
Until then, we all need to do our part. Stay safe.
base of the mountain