Guaranteed season policy, our commitment to you!

In the event of a station closure or disruption caused by a government order regarding COVID-19, here are the procedures for applying for a credit.

The credit will be calculated in proportion to the number of days of skiing offered by the resort.

Season passes and credit refundable to the next season.

If the season has not yet started:
  • We are committed to giving you a 100% credit on your carry-over purchase to the following season.
  • The deferred subscription cannot be transferred to another person.
Here are the applicable credit percentages depending on the progress of the season.


Season suspension decree Season pass credit
Before the start of the season 100%
Until December 28, 2020 85%
Until January 18, 2021 65%
Until February 15, 2021 40%
Until March 8, 2021 15%
After March 8, 2021 0%


Snow school programs.

In the event of a closure or interruption of services at the station caused by a government order concerning COVID-19, customers who wish can request a credit on their purchase that can be carried over to the next season, as long as the first ski or snowboard lesson or that the first training has not started.

In the event that the programs are initiated, customers who wish to request cancellation may receive a credit equivalent to the number of days remaining in the program. It is important to note that an administration fee of $ 40 is also applicable to the cancellation of a program.

Further information

Credits are subject to the acceptance and approval of Center plein air Mont Farlagne and we reserve the right to change this policy at any time during the season. This policy is not applicable for reasons of weather or any other situation beyond our control. Reimbursement for medical reasons will be subject to our “* Ski Insure” insurance, which you can purchase at the same time as your season pass (more details below).

"Ski Insure" - Season pass cancellation insurance in the event of illness or disability

*** No reimbursement for medical reasons will be issued without the purchase of "Ski Insure"

The Mont Farlagne Outdoor Center offers protection for your investment with a season pass. For only $ 25 / person or $ 100 / family, including taxes, you can ensure that your season pass will be refunded if you are unable to ski due to injury or illness. Coverage begins when you purchase your season pass.

The Mont Farlagne Outdoor Center will reimburse your subscription fees in the event of:

1. An injury, illness or other medical condition, certified by a health professional, preventing the insured skier from participating in the sport.

Amount of reimbursement:

If the insured becomes unable to ski at the Mont Farlagne Outdoor Center before the start of the season, the full amount will be refunded. Once the season pass is issued and the season has started, the refund will be based on 100 days of skiing. (Ex. If the Center plein air Mont Farlagne had 20 days of skiing when you became unable to ski, your refund will be equal to 80% of the amount of your purchase before taxes.) If the season pass was purchased in format family, the reimbursement will reflect the name of the insured at the time of purchase. (Ex. 1st adult, additional members).


*** Insurance must be taken out at the same time as your season pass.
  • The opt-out period must be at least 30 days;
  • The complaint must be made within 30 days of the medical stoppage and the season pass must be returned immediately to the Center plein air Mont Farlagne;
  • The insurance does not cover disabilities caused or contributed by intentional injury.


How to make a complaint

1. Submit your request to the Center plein air Mont Farlagne administration within 30 days of the medical stop.

2. You must present:

  • Season pass
  • Report / notification from your doctor, with the date on which the state of health prevented the practice of board sports and the prognosis.


If these requirements are not met, no refund will be issued.

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