The mountain

Small but mighty

From its height of 352 meters above sea level, this “small” mountain has a lot to offer. Winter activities for the whole family as well as an unequaled quality of snow (to make our neighbors blush) in more than enough quantity! … And a little secret well kept, the outdoor Center Mont Farlagne is the door next door!

1 Couturier  Easy Groomed no
2 Rice Intermediate Groomed no
3 Casse-Cou Intermediate Groomed no
4 Snowpark IPL (Fraser) Expert Terrain park, groomed yes
5 Jessome Difficult Groomed yes
6 République Difficult Groomed yes
7 Bon Voyage Difficult Mogul yes
8 Brayonne Intermediate Groomed yes
9 Pentapic Difficult Mogul no
10 Demi-Lune Intermediate Mogul no
11 Pente à Jim Intermediate Groomed yes
12 Parc Énergie Edmundston Easy (school slope) Groomed yes
13 Pente à Jim (Ouest) Easy Groomed yes
14 Upper Fraser Easy Terrain park groomed no
15 Sous-bois #1 Difficult Glade (natural snow) no
16 Sous-bois #2 Difficult Glade (natural snow) no
17 Sous-bois #3 Difficult Glade (natural snow) no
18 Sous-bois #4 Difficult Glade (natural snow) no
19 Sous-bois Familial Intermediate Glade (natural snow) no
20 Tubing park Easy Groomed yes
21 Canyon Difficult Groomed yes
22 Passage à Jacques Easy Groomed yes
23 Snowshoe trail Intermediate Natural no


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