The Coopérative de récréotourisme du Madawaska ltée

It is a non-profit co-op organization. Building on a rich heritage of initiatives undertaken over the past 50 years, the co-op manages the Centre plein air Mont Farlagne and Sentiers Madawaska Trails.


Message to members of the CRM

Presentation of the 4 seasons project to Edmundston City Council
The Coopérative de récréotourisme du Madawaska ltée was incorporated in July 2020.

Over the next few years, its goal is to develop a 4-season community recreational tourism center that will:

  • Offer the community and tourists a wide variety of outdoor activities;
  • Improve the infrastructures and trails available;
  • Create a reception center shared by all users;
  • Be community-led;
  • Ensure the sustainability of these activities in the region;
  • Establish partnerships with promoters of complementary activities;
  • Make Edmundston THE ultimate family outdoor destination in the Atlantic

The co-op has six categories of members:


User member

Anyone who wishes to use the co-op’s recreational and tourism infrastructures while adhering to its mission and who has purchased one of the different types of season passes sold by the co-op. The list of user members is updated every year.

Worker member

Any regular employee (full-time or seasonal) of the co-op must become a member by paying a subscription of $100 and adhere to its mission. Since membership for regular employees is mandatory, the subscription is refundable for those who leave the co-op.

Shareholder member of Centre plein air Mont Farlagne Inc.

Any shareholder of the Centre plein air Mont Farlagne Inc. who wishes to join the co-op.

Member of Sentiers Madawaska Trails

Anyone who has contributed to the development of Vélo Edmundston who wishes to join the co-op.

Landowner member

Any landowner with whom the co-op have signed a right of way for the development of trails who wishes to join the co-op.

Supporting member

Any person or legal entity who has an interest in attaining the goals of the co-op, who shares its mission and who has paid a subscription of $100.


The board of directors is made up of the following 11 members:


Name Position
Cyrille Simard President
Charles Beaulieu Vice-president
André Léger Treasurer
Janik Côté-Bérubé Secretary
Alexandre Levasseur Administrator
Luc Michaud Administrator
Sophie Dupont Administrator
Martine Marchand Administrator
Stephen Wyatt Administrator
Éloi Duguay Administrator
Vacancy Administrator


The by-laws of the co-op provide for the creation of four permanent committees: Customer satisfaction, Finance, Recruitment and Community Life.

The board of directors also created two other committees. First is the Vision committee whose mandate is to develop the 4-season recreational tourism destination project. This committee includes the 11 members of the board of directors as well as Madeleine Dubé and Paul Bérubé. Second is the Sentiers Madawaska Trails  committee whose mandate is to manage the natural trail system and activities.


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